5 Cloth Diaper Mistakes Beginners [2021] Common Cloth Diapering Mistakes

Today we’re going to talk about the five mistakes that I made when we first started cloth diapering our baby river. 

First Mistake: The first mistake that we made was that we didn’t take the inserts out of the pocket diapers before we put them in the washer. If you don’t take that insert out everything might not be getting as clean as it should be getting, also the inserts definitely won’t dry well in the dryer. If you leave them inside of the pocket part like the outer shell, take those inserts out before you put them into your wet bag right after you change your baby. 

Second Mistake: The next mistake that we made when we first started was that we didn’t pre-rinse the diapers before we put them into the wash cycle. So you’ve got the inserts out and it’s really important to rinse and spin before you put them into the wash cycle with the detergent and everything and that makes sure that all of the urine gets out and any bigger pieces of debris. So definitely run a pre-rinse that helps a lot overall okay. 

Third Mistake: Mistake number three that we made was really big for us and that was for us forcing overnights with the cloth diapers. Our baby river is a heavy wetter when he pees he pees a lot and he is always peeing through the cloth diapers no matter what we tried. So we tried putting bamboo inserts in. We tried buying hemp inserts. We tried putting disposable things like throwaway inserts and hemp inserts. We tried doing hemp and bamboo we tried to do double hemp inserts it did not matter

What we tried even at one point I tried putting a newborn disposable diaper inside of the pocket with a hemp insert on top of it and even that didn’t work for us. We do not use overnight cloth diapers. We use like pampers or huggies overnight diaper and that just works way better for us and I tried really hard to push for it and make it work but it just was not working river would constantly be waking up overnight and need a new sleeper need his bedding changed because there’s pee everywhere and now it’s fine because really he only uses one disposable diaper overnight. So it’s not like we’re blowing through a bunch of them every night. 

Fourth Mistake: The fourth mistake that we made in the beginning was that we didn’t sun bleach. So even right now I have some inserts for sun bleaching because today I am washing the cloth diaper. Sun bleaching those stains out is so easy. You don’t have to use any chemicals, you don’t have to purchase anything, no detergents, no bleaches, anything like that all you have to do; is take a spray bottle, spray some water onto the stains and then set it out somewhere where. It’s sunny and we will use a window. it’s really cold out so we don’t put them outside but in the summer I like to put the inserts outside in the sun.

Sun bleaching surprisingly even works if it’s overcast. So if it’s cloudy out I didn’t think it was going to work but it totally did you just set the inserts again by a window and even if there’s no sun out somehow like the sun or the light lifts the stain it does take like probably just like a couple hours but again it’s super super easy and i like the fact that you don’t have to buy anything extra for this like you don’t have to add any chemicals that might damage the diapers or the inserts over time or anything like that takes the stains right out.

Fifth Mistake: The fifth and final mistake that we made in the Beginning was we did not start with enough cloth diapers. So when we first started I had put some on our baby registry and I thought oh he’s gonna need 10 diapers a day so I put like maybe 15 cloth diapers on the registry for our baby shower but we ended up having to wash the diapers like every day every other day and it was just getting overwhelming.

So we had to purchase a couple more sets and we just didn’t start with enough and I don’t know about you but I did not want to be washing the cloth diapers every single day like that was a lot especially in the beginning when the baby’s really small and needs a lot of attention. So now we wash our cloth diapers I think about like every three days and we’re in like a really good routine and it just works really well for us. I would say that we have probably around 30 cloth diapers. We want you to make sure that you have enough whatever that number is for you whatever enough is for you. 

Those are the five mistakes that I made when we first started cloth diapering. Our baby is eight months old now and we’re into a really good routine. I would say my tip or advice to you is don’t be intimidated. It can be really intimidating to start cloth diapering but once you get into a good rhythm and you get into a good routine. It’s really really easy, it’s like it’s just part of what we do. It’s not like something that is super stressful or anything like that, however we do only have one baby in diapers.

So I imagine if you had like multiple babies in diapers it could get a little bit harder but we use cloth diapers when we travel and go and visit the grandparents and everything like that it’s really not a hassle at all. So good luck to you, don’t be afraid to cloth diapers, if that’s what you want to do it’s great for the environment. It’s great for your budget. I hope that you learn from this and you don’t make the mistakes that I made so good luck on your cloth diapering journey. 

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