How many cloth diapers do I need? for my baby/newborn

Are you thinking about how many cloth diapers you need? So how many cloth diapers do you need? 

Newborn: If your baby is newborn then you will need 8-10 cloth diapers in a day. Newborn baby poop a lot

3-6 months old baby: 3 to 6 months old baby needs 6-8 diapers in a day. 

6-12 months old baby: 6 to 12 months old baby needs 4-6 diapers in a day. In that time they try to walk. They cost much less than a newborn baby. 

18 months or older: If your baby is 18 months old then you will have 2-4 diapers in a day. After a few days you can start potty training. 

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