How many cloth diapers do I need? for my baby/newborn

Today we will discuss how many diapers you need. This is one of the biggest questions that people ask me when they’re first starting about cloth diapering because they want to know what their investment is going to be, how much they are going to spend upfront and what they are actually going to need. The number of diapers that you will need and this number is high. You know it depends on how old your baby is. What style of diapers you’re going with. so first off in my estimate I kind of group how many diapers you’re going to need by the age of the baby in general. 

So if you’ve got a baby that’s a newborn to two months old you can be going through ten diapers a day. This is because you know diapers when they go to the bathroom they may poop but it’s just a tiny little bit but you don’t want to leave that on your baby. So every time they poop you’re going to want to change them and you don’t want to leave them wet for very long as soon as you notice that you want to change it. So with a newborn to two months I would say you need about ten diapers and you can always have more just in case for a three to six month old I would say you guys you use about nine diapers. 

So we went down by one then with a six-month-old probably pretty much six to potty training you’re going to need about seven to eight diapers a day this all depends on how long they’re sleeping you know. If they sleep through the night you’re not going to be using a diaper they’re going to be in that one for a longer amount of time also during the day they may have more solid poops. So you don’t have the little runny things to change and most babies start eating solids around six months. So that changes their goal movements as well, I would say about six to eight or seven eight so that definitely affects your stash. 

If you’re starting from the newborn stage in one size diapers or if you are going with a newborn stash also if you are starting with your one size diapers at around six months or earlier it all depends on that. I don’t want to confuse you. I want to give you a couple of our different options. We have the basic diapers and we have the more modern diapers so with the basic diapers and what I mean by that is like the pre folds with covers or if we’re going with fitted sand covers this was the cent this is the same thing with the flats the more basic diapers for a newborn you need about ten of these per day and with the covers you can reuse.

If you’re planning on doing laundry let’s say every other day you will need 20 maybe 24 diapers for your newborn and also if you’re planning on doing laundry every third day so every other day would be you use ten and then this on your second day maybe you’ve used five and then you’re watching fifteen diapers at once and then you get that done before your last five of the second day have run out. Hopefully that didn’t confuse you so that’d be every other day and that would be about 22-24 diapers you would need with if you want to do laundry on the third day. 

First day you use 10, 2nd day use 10, 3rd day you know somewhere in that day you would wash diapers you’re going to need about 30 diapers and that would be 30 of these and maybe nine to ten of these if you were trying to do them every third day. It kind of all depends on how you go, how you want to wash them. That’s what you would need for a newborn to about two month old and as your child gets older you’re going to need less. So you can just cut that down for general costing purposes. I usually use the amount of 24 diapers because you know it’s not good to let your diapers sit for too long dirty and Died fail.

Because you don’t want any other poop or the pee to start getting funky and start really soaking into your diapers you don’t want any kind of mold happening or any kind of microbe action going on. It’s usually good to wash your diapers within a couple days, I would say 24 diapers is good. You know, accidentally go day one day two and then realize at the end of day two or the beginning of day three that you need to do diapers and you wouldn’t completely run out. I think that’s a good number for a newborn and of course 24 also works for the six month plus area.

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