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When your babies are young and they’re not eating solids yet they’re poopies don’t actually smell that bad but when your baby is grow up and they’re eating everything that you’re eating their diapers can get pretty sticky why is it that even though diaper pails have all those mechanisms to make it. So the air inside the diaper pail doesn’t ever reach your nose. They still stink even if you use a liner they’re still really smelly. 

Method of cleaning ubbi diaper pail:

So in this article I will tell you two ways to clean and deodorize your diaper pail. Both methods work really well. you can choose whichever based upon what you already have in your pantry afterwards. 

How to do it: I’m going to tell you a few methods and how to keep your diaper pail from stinking again but first if you’re new to clean freaking germaphobe. we’re all about cleaning and organizing and disinfecting. 

First method: The first step is simply to just wash out your diaper pail. I like to call this step the dawn and dawn step. First you don your gloves and then you grab liquid dawn. So I’m gonna roll up my sleeves and get started I like the dawn platinum power wash for many reasons but in this case I’m going to spray the pail and let it sit for five minutes then get to scrubbing clean both the insides and the outside start with the outside and then move your way inside once it’s thoroughly washed then give it a rinse next you want to use a disinfectant spray I’m going to use lysol concentrate that’s been pre-mixed in this bottle spray the diaper pail inside it out and then let it sit for 10 minutes..

There are two different things that you can use. The first option is to use water borax vinegar and some essential oil to dissolve two tablespoons of borax into two cups of hot water and swirl it around until the borax is completely dissolved. Then add 1-4 cup vinegar and then if you’d like add essential oils. I’m going to use mandarin scented another option would be to use tea tree oil it has been shown to possibly kill bacteria and mold i don’t have any of that today though. So again I’m gonna stick with the mandarin mix all that together and then spray it generously into the diaper pail, take a microfiber cloth and rub this mixture into the sides and the bottom let it sit for 10 minutes then repeat the process. 

Second method: I wanna change method number two is a lot simpler all this one requires is baking soda and Vinegar simply spray vinegar into the diaper pail sprinkle baking soda all over on the inside and let it sit until the diaper pail is dry then just rinse out the dried off powder and wipe it dry with a microfiber cloth both of these methods work really well. 

If you have a plastic diaper pail, after two kids this diaper pail really started to smell all of the odors really permeated into the plastic so much. So that even when the diaper pail was empty it still really stank. Stainless steel diaper pail is the ubbi diaper pail and the reason why i love it is because the odor does not permeate through the stainless steel at all. So as long as this lid is closed I cannot smell the stinky that is inside. 

It has a lock on it. The instructions for the ubbi diaper pail is that you do not wash it with water because it can cause it to rust. The method that i tell you here you cannot do what the manufacturing recommendations are is just to wipe it with a dry cloth. 

Plastic diaper pail: I’m going to talk about ways to keep it deodorized because eventually it’s going to start to stink Again. Every three months just to clean out and wash out any bacteria or mold that might be in the diaper pail number two change the diaper pail frequently. I recommend it at least twice a week. 

Third Method: Number three try using scented garbage liners under normal circumstances. I don’t really love that in my kitchen or in my bathrooms but when it comes to the diaper pail. It does help to kind of cover up some of the stinky odors and it’s helpful you could also go as far as to buy individual doggy poop bags and wrap up each diaper in the doggy bag.

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