Friday baby Portable diaper changing pads || On the go baby essentials

Today I will share with you the Friday baby portable diaper changing pad. Portable diaper changing pad is the perfect solution for on-the-go families offering a quick and convenient way to change your baby, well on the go it can also be used at home too. I had a baby six and we’ve been using this as a grab-and-go diaper bag and also as a backup resource for the car for all those unexpected changes. When you’re out and about at appointments, grocery stores etc. I will tell you how you can store this in your car. So that you always have a clean diaper or clean wipe and clean place to change your baby on a whim and I’ll also tell you how you can attach it to your stroller for walks, hikes etc when you don’t want the bulk of a big diaper bag. 

My baby is six weeks old. In just a minute I will place her down on the changing pad. so you can get an idea of the size and then you can also see the inside. There is a very durable velcro piece on it so you can easily open it with one hand which is super convenient. So here’s Riley on the changing pad. As you can see we have our diapers on one side and our wipes on another. The entire pad is made of this cushion memory foam which is easy to wipe clean and her head is supported by a memory foam pillow at the top. Now because everything is right here. where you need it there is no scrambling around trying to find a diaper and a diaper bag you can just simply grab this out of your car or out of your bag and you are good to go. 

Now when you’re all done with the change you just fold the sides in fold the top down and you are good to go now this carrying strap also doubles as a strap for the back of your seat in your car so that you can store it conveniently that way and there are also hooks on the inside so that you can attach it to your stroller now the wipes compartment is also reversible. so you can flip it like this and then you can have your wipes accessible on the exterior part of the bag. So you can always grab one when things get messy now as you can see even when I have this filled with five diapers and the wipes on the exterior part it is still quite slender and easy to carry. 

So you could use this in place of your diaper bag storing your keys, your phone, your credit cards right in this pocket here or you could store it inside of your diaper bag just like that and it fits perfectly. So here’s the changing pad in my car. As you can see I have it attached here by this strap to the back part of my driver’s seat. The strap is self-adjusting so you can fit it to your car as well and I have it. So that the wipes compartment is on the outside. So that I can quickly grab one as needed and out here in the sunlight you can see how cute this elephant print is these are available in several different prints and this one is just super cute here I am at my stroller you can attach it using the same carrying hook that we used for the back of my car or you can also attach it using this hook here on the side.

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