Wool Cloth Diapers

Today we will share thoughts and review of wool cloth diapers. When my baby Willow was a baby I bought this cloth diaper lot off of the swap page. so I bought some used newborn cloth diapers and one of the people that I bought used newborn cloth diapers from actually threw in a free newborn wool cover. It was so tiny. It was like preemie size and it was so cute. When I got it, it was actually already realized. So I didn’t have to do anything besides just put it on her. Now when I put it on her she immediately pooped. So I had to change her and she was gaining a pound a week within that first month until she outgrew that diaper cover by the next time I tried to put her in it. 

So technically I have used wool before I never actually went through the process of using roll analyzing it because when she pooped in that she didn’t get poop on the cover the cool thing with wool is that you can actually put these over regular cloth diapers because wool does have a slight absorbency to it that’s why a lot of people use these at nighttime maybe they use it over a pocket diaper over an all-in-one or like Bailey from a cloth diaper Podcast she said sometimes when she’s on the go she’ll put wool over her children. 

So they don’t leak into their car seats I think that’s a genius idea since I only have two diaper covers I will be putting these over like pocket diapers because it would be my luck for willow to poop in both of these like right now and then for the rest of the day we aren’t using wool because she pooped in them and then I’d have to watch that and they take a long time to jury. So for the first few changes I’m actually going to just put these over like a pocket diaper or an all-in-one. I’m going to save this as a fuchsia pink cover for night time.

The first diaper change of the day I’m going with this nerdy momma’s diaper cover I have a Green Mountain diaper of muslin flat and then I’m also going to put a disposable liner and then I’ll put these long ease from Humbird over this nerdy mom is covered this is a different way to use wool hopefully as I add more wool to my stache I won’t have to worry about her pooping in covers or running out of covers I’ll definitely do more day in the life of wool in the future kind of showing you how I’ll analyze and wash the day before I’m not a huge fan of disposable liners but I’ve been trying them out lately consistently because I’ve had a lot of questions about disposable liners and I’ve never really given them a good chance over the past few years. 

I usually have to double up on them because poop gets everywhere but I’ve had a lot of people ask questions about these and you know how I like them and how they work. so I’m actually going to use them for a few months. I’m gonna change my willow into a simple pocket diaper with a cloth easy muslin flat from Green Mountain diapers and then I’ll put these Humbert longies over them and I’m working editing photos. I’m going to start lunch in a minute and then as I’m getting the kids fed I want to start whooping whooping is just my way of coping with stress and just like letting go of the world and just feeling free it’s taken me a lot to get to this place to understand what it feels like to put down your stress for a minute for five minutes for 20 minutes for an hour to just learn to let go of things that in itself is a process. 

so that’s where I’m going to be in a minute I just have a few more photos to edit and then we’ll get on with the day I had to change into something I could exercise him but I’m gonna go ahead and get her down for a nap I think she’s tired and then hopefully continue my hoping because I want to get some hooping in and I also want to get some exercising I shut my eyes trying not to speak willow just woke up from her nap I’m gonna put her in this stretchy flat with a snappy I have it in the origami fold and then the Wolong ease from Humbird we’ll go over the stretchy flat I think I know pretty good for it all right I need to start making dinner but I want to change her diaper I have this Nikki’s nikkor stretchy flat I’m just gonna fold this into an origami fold that is one of my favorite bolts and then I’m gonna put a disposable liner on. 

We’re actually going to change her into this diaper cover hopefully she doesn’t poop between now and bedtime I really love the origami fold you can get such a good tight fit with this I like to jelly roll the legs roll them in to get a nice tight fit and also the good key method she did poop on her last diaper but none got onto the cover surprisingly I must admit I’m really really liking this cover I like the material that it’s made of it’s just really good quality reminds me of like a really good-quality jacket almost all right so we just got her in the bath. so I’m gonna go ahead and put her in a night diaper. 

So I have a DIY stretchy flat and origami fold and then I put a Giffen hem flat in the center as well so there’s the center of the origami fold in the center of the hem flat so I’m just gonna fold that on her and then put a wool cover over it oh and also a stage yard liner all right it’s ten o’clock at night and the kids are finally asleep it took a little a little bit of time to fall asleep but here are my overall thoughts about using wool for the first time thought number one it’s not that bad I was really intimidated by the washing and Delana Lizzie but honestly it really wasn’t that hard to do that it did take like a day and a half for both of the wool covers to dry after I washed and land eyes down. 

So that kind of sucked because you can’t just throw a wool into the dryer one thing that I could see that I might not like with wool is if she poops in a wool cover and it gets on to the cover and having to slide the cover off of her while poop is on the cuff not her I feel like that could potentially make a big mess I didn’t deal with that today we didn’t get any poop on either of the covers which is amazing I was really nervous that we would my second thought is that I’ll definitely use wool more often it’s really about that intimidating I like how easy it is I like that the cover in itself is also absorbent I’m not a huge fan of wrapping flats around my children and I don’t really use fitted. 

So I think if I want to use wool more often I need to get used to wrapping flats. I don’t really have anything against wrapping flats, in fact I really really love the origami fold. I’m a little bit lazy to wrap flats around my girls I really enjoyed the pad fold I also like that I’m not going to have to wash these until they actually get soiled honestly surprise that’s really not as hard or intimidating as I thought it would be but yeah I’m actually kind of excited that it wasn’t that hard I feel like for years I’ve been over complicating it in my mind and it actually really isn’t a big deal after today. I’m actually not going to have to wash the wool that I have at least not for a few more uses. My fear with these wool covers was that some of the flat was going to hang out at the back. 

I have a fleece cover and I really don’t like it I just don’t like the fleece cover because when she has it on the top of it is not secured to her so that top a little band of the fleece cover is not secured to her body so it leaves this huge gap in the back because her fluff bud is so big but with the whole covers I didn’t have that problem they actually laid really snug to her body without being too tight like I think I want some pants. we didn’t have any fit issues and the wool looks pretty comfortable. it wasn’t sticky like I was expecting it to be when you’ll analyze wool and does kind of have this stickiness to it and I thought just everything would be sticky. 

I don’t know I’m not a huge fan of sticking things I’m such a texture person such a feeling person and I guess that was another fear that I had coming into wool is a the land lies wall cover would just be sticking to things make things sticky but I didn’t have that issue either I’ll definitely be making some more wool a day in the life videos hopefully over time I’ll be able to expand my stash a little bit so I’m not just running on two covers.

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