Thirsties one size pocket diaper

Hey guys, today I have another cloth diaper review for you. Today we’re talking about Thirsty’s natural pocket diaper. These diapers are gonna fit from 8 to 40 pounds. so I will show it to you on both of the boys Aaron is almost 2 and he’s in the weight range. Calvin is like three and a half almost four and he is probably closer to that forty pound mark. So maybe putting it on him will help give you a good idea. if it actually is gonna fit a big boy so a big Kid not necessarily a boy. Calvin needs to be on the very last snap but for his waist he’s in one snap on either side. so he’s on the very last snap and then he’s got an extra snap and the same thing on the other side. So he is pretty maxed out in this diaper.

My son Aaron is totally snapped out on the rise but he has three snaps on either side. so he still has lots and lots of room to grow in this thing now. let’s do a little breakdown on the diaper. so the front panel is just a straight across panel you don’t have any elastic on there. you do have the double leg gussets there on the back you’ve got the elastic to help prevent the poos from ASP loading out you have two vertical snaps no hip snaps just the vertical snaps and no crossover snaps you’ve got your pretty traditional 3-step rise three by three just in case you’re wondering some people might care the snaps up top. 

You get diapers where they’re kind of more item snaps then top snaps and it kind of hopes to get a better fit but these are all exactly vertical on top of each other now. Inside it kind of gets cool this is something that I haven’t seen but the elastics are not like these double leg gussets are not part of this like pocket part they’re their own separate little thing. so that’s kind of interesting to have the double leg gussets on a pocket diaper. It has your little extra little bit of protection. Another cool thing is that it’s open on both sides. That’s super cool. So you don’t necessarily have to remove your insert before you throw it in the wash. Hopefully your washer will be able to agitate this guy out. My washer sucks and it doesn’t always get it out just FYI.

So I always take mine out anyway but if my husband were to change his diaper and he almost always forgets to take the thing out of the pocket we I wouldn’t be so mad at him because hopefully it would kind of get out a little bit. So you have a big one and it’s thick too it’s long and thick and then you’ve got this little baby one that’s thinner and shorter just a little bit shorter you can see and they snap on to each other these two little snaps and then you throw it inside of the diaper this also has another little snap over. So I wonder if you could use it like you know, like roll it so it gets a little bit smaller there. I don’t know if that’s exactly the purpose of that extra snap but let’s just say it makes the insert a little bit smaller.

So you can fit it for a smaller baby and then this is not like a stay dry fabric for the pocket part so you’ve got a little bit of extra absorbency. So I tested out the absorbency of this little guy alone like I said the pocket has some extra absorbency in this fabric but I have  just tested it and it held three quarters of a cup of liquid and that is equivalent to like I have some 100% cotton Green Mountain diapers Birdseye flats and then I also have the elemental joy flats that come inside of their pocket diapers and those all hold 3/4 of a cup as well. So this is on par with a standard 100% cotton Birdseye weave flat diaper as far as absorbency is concerned just FYI this inside material is pretty soft and I don’t find it to be a pain for spraying out poo. 

The Thirsties natural all-in-ones material clings onto the poo. I don’t know what it is but I hate sprang poo out of those things. I don’t find the same issue with this material here, which comes off cleanly and easily with a diaper sprayer. so it’s called the natural pocket diaper because everything inside is a natural fiber. We’ve got the little inserts which are 55% hip 45 percent organic cotton and then this layer on the inside is organic cotton. Of course, the outside is like some kind of polyester with a laminate on it. so that’s not a natural fiber but it’s not going to be because it’s it’s that’s the waterproof layer that’s the part that needs to be like plasticy and keep the liquid out one kind of cool thing about the insert is I don’t find it to be like super hard to dry when I throw it in the dryer with all my other diapers I hardly ever have to lay it out on the line or throw it back in to dry a little bit extra it dries fine in one round of drying. 

I have other inserts like my grovia one insert some of my like bamboo from like the imaginal in one and the diaper rite all in ones those are usually damp coming out of the dryer when everything else is dry these usually don’t have that problem I’d say four out of five times they are fine coming out of the dryer by their they’re dry when they caught on the dryer. So that’s a plus that’s one thing that can be annoying by having inserts that are thick and like you know the answers that aren’t flats can have some extra dry time and I don’t find that to be a big deal. If you guys have any opinions, positive or negative about this particular diaper, please leave them down below in the comment section.

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