Minimal Newborn Cloth Diaper Stash Collection

Today I wanted to go through our newborn cloth diaper collection. I am 37 weeks pregnant. I hope you will pray for me! so I thought that we would go through the newborn cloth stuff before the baby arrives so that I actually have everything and it’s not like half in the wash and trying to figure that out. How newborn cloth diapering is going once the baby comes and once things get rolling I have never done cloth with a newborn before I currently cloth diaper are almost two year old Calvin and we’ve been doing that since he was about nine months old so I have plain experience with toddler cloth but newborn may be completely different. 

So this is just our little collection. The baby boy is measuring big and big brother was big too so I kind of anticipated him being able to fit into one size stuff relatively quickly but I still thought it would be a good investment to get a few newborn things. so this may or may not be a full stash if your baby would be in cloth for an extended period of time when they’re a newborn you know like. if your baby comes out at 6 or 7 pounds it’s gonna be completely different versus my 8 or 9 pounder so just want to put that right out front that my babies tend to be a little bigger so I don’t plan on using this a ton or for a long time. 

We do use button diapers everyday. So I figure the baby will probably be fitting into those one size diapers relatively soon. I have read online that other ladies who use the button’s one size system say that around 9 pounds their babies start fitting into those diaper spines. so this really probably won’t be used very long so let’s hop right in let me show you some of the stuff. we’ve got little baskets my drawer it’s a basket we have a snappy just a little snappy and then I have some once all-in-one natural on one’s from Thirst’s and I am missing one it’s in the diaper bag currently or in the hospital bag for when baby comes and then I have for Thirst’s duo wrap covers. 

so these go up to up to 18 pounds. It says 6 to 18 pounds and they are adjustable. so that legs do get nice and small for newborns and I just have those stuffed with flour sack towels. so we’re gonna try it that way just kind of see how things go for now they’re just stuffed with the flour sack towels all folded up. I kind of thought about doing pad folds but I think like with a newborn I would probably end up changing the cover every single time. so I don’t have enough covers to really be doing that. I will fold the diaper on the baby because I only have four covers really, so I’ve got five of the all in ones and four of the Thirst’s covers. These are just a couple more flour sack towels folded up in that Jo fold as well. 

I have some of the Gerber newborn flats and these are kind of silly they are so tiny they are just little tiny things and I got these at my baby shower with my first son Calvin just as you know a random thing that the ladies got me so not something that I would have purchased myself but now that I do have them I figured they would be nice as like maybe doublers I might add them inside of these covers along with the flour sack towels as well they’re all just pad folded in this little basket I they’re almost too small to do like an actual newborn fold I would think they probably wouldn’t be like super duper absorbent but we’ll just have to see how it goes like I said I’ve never done newborn cloth before so this is all kind of an adventure for me. 

so just in there just I think there’s 10 or 12 of those small Gerber newborn flats so in here I have the flour sack towels I have one two three four five six of them right here they’re just the essentials brand from Target I believe I have two other ones but they’re like emergency ones in the diaper bag and stuff like that I have kind of some more fun stuff these are size small Green Mountain diapers pre folds that I converted into fittings. so I sewed them up and added some snaps to them so that they can actually be wrapped around the baby and this is just the absorbent part so I do still need a cover to go on top to go with these but I have twelve of these some of them are cute with the fabric on the outside some of them are just very plain what’s just button snaps on them and then I do have one actual fitted this is a Green Mountain diapers fitted workhorse and this is a size small which they technically say it’s the next size up they wouldn’t technically recommend it for a newborn but like I said my babies are kind of on the bigger side. 

So I have 13 for the diapers, six flats five all in ones and then ten or twelve of these little Gerber flats that are just kind of additional boosters or I don’t really know what I’m gonna use them for. so I mean technically I just have 24 diaper changes altogether. So I am at the bare minimum that they would recommend for a two-day wash schedule. They say the newborns need a new diaper ten to 12 times a day times two days. That’s 24 diapers and I’m gonna be doing laundry every other day. So as of right now my collection is like a very bare Minimum. I do have other flats in my toddler’s collection that we could use if we need them. 

if the about is the fact that I only have four covers but I feel like if one does get soiled they dry so quickly I could just hand wash it in the sink and hang it up to dry and not have to worry too much about it I feel like I can get by especially since I think we’re only going to be doing this for maybe three weeks or so maybe four weeks or so I think I can get through with what we have so this is a very minimal collection as far as newborn diapers are concerned but I think we’ll be able to do it.

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