Blueberry Simplex Newborn All-in-One Cloth Diaper Review + Fit on Newborn Baby

Hey guys, today I have another newborn cloth diaper review. Today we’re going to be talking about the blueberry simplex organic cotton all-in-one diaper. For the newborn days right off the bat I do want to let you know this is definitely a favorite of Mine. It has a pocket back and it has a tongue style insert as well as having absorbency in the pocket layer. It doesn’t have a stay dry layer or anything with no fleece in, it’s all cotton all over. So the little pocket makes it nice. You can add a little bit of absorbency to a little newborn booster. if you need to you can also take this guy and stuff it inside of the pocket if you don’t want it just kind of like flapping around there but either way works all right it does have your little umbilical snap down which is super duper convenient for when baby still has their umbilical Stump. 

It doesn’t have a rise setting though this is just as big or as small as it gets overall either snap down for the belly button or doesn’t it has vertical snaps. It does have a little tummy panel, you can kind of stuff the insert you know a little bit into that panel. so it’s not wicking onto baby’s clothing and another little panel at the back. If you really want to press the insert there underneath the panel you’ve got that extra protection on the back as well it has rolled elastics. So it’s super gentle on the baby and I haven’t had any issues with like you know some rolled elastics like the inside fabric will kind of turn out and you can have wicking problems but I haven’t had that issue at all with baby Barrett. They’ve been perfectly fine. 

If you do pull the insert part into the pocket like this every single time it comes back through the wash out of the washing machine it’s like completely flipped inside out like like totally flipped inside out like the inside of the pul is on the outside of the diaper like  don’t know how it does it but if you tuck the pocket you tuck the insert into the pocket the whole thing flips inside out in the wash so I always just leave the little insert out. we have the little breakdown on this guy and you guys know that I am a big fan of this diaper I gotta tell you how much it costs this little newborn all-in-one is 21.95 which is like the top of what I would Spend on a one size all-in-one okay it’s pricey man but it’s definitely a favorite of mine and I have loved using it and I would have loved to have more of them I would say if you can find them secondhand for cheaper than 22 dollars(it can change any time) go and get yourself some because these are super awesome. 

The waist circumference a little baby waist and then you have the leg holes which actually don’t look that tiny they kind of look a little bit big. So if you have that issue if the baby has skinnier legs than this all you have to do is take the wings inside the front side and pull them up a little bit and it will make that little hole a little bit tighter. We did have to do this little bunny ear Trick whatever you want to call it a little bit in those first couple of weeks so one cool thing about this is that the absorbency has lasted. It has a pocket for you to add a little booster in there if you need a little bit of extra fabric to absorb extra pee. It has that option with the little pocket which is super nice but we never had to add anything which is a big deal. 

We’ve tried a couple other newborn all-in ones that definitely needed some extra absorbency in there aside from what was built into the diaper itself. So it did fit really well early on just using the little bunny ear trick to pull up the legs a little bit and it fit all the way through 11 weeks which is pretty good compared to a lot of the other diapers that we have been trying. That’s a really nice little time frame I have found.

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