Grovia cloth diaper

Today we are talking about the grovia one in all cloth diapers. The grovia one is a very popular overnight cloth diapering option that a lot of people are curious about and I’ve been seeing a lot of conversations going around on the internet. I was very excited about this diaper and for a while it was a diaper that I really enjoyed and I actually would give at birthday parties to my friends who are cloth diapers. It is a high quality diaper and it has a lot of great perks and options. This is considered an overnight diaper because it’s supposed to be really absorbent. 

It has 12 rise settings and a three by three rise snap. The elastic kind of ends a little bit short if you ask me. I prefer when the elastic goes all the way up this is a single waist snap. if you need to be really small for a tiny baby you have to use the hook and loop all you do is snap it in place. It is inside the diaper you find that it is lined with micro fleece. They’ve added a tummy panel, since the kick starter helps keep things dry. Because when it was fleece all the way to the top people were getting wicking. 

It comes with two inserts one snaps in and then they kind of snap together like a long tongue and you fold them up and you put them in. The shell of the diaper is a layer of micro fleece in the inserts are a stay dry fleece cotton combination. It is a very dense diaper and it does hold on to stink well. If you’re using it overnight because 8-10 hours of urine is gonna smell, no matter what you do it away. so the inserts this is the large one it’s been channeled for whatever reason I think that’s supposed to help with the pee or whatever see does it help move the pee all right and then it comes with a little itty-bitty one I’ve kind of found this one useless just added bulk but that’s up to you.

I found that this diaper with both inserts was very bulky because it was actually a Geffen baby hemp insert because the hemp insert is about the same absorbency as this bad boy but it is so much thinner and it gives a much trimmer fit. so then I would put those together again I would still sometimes have a problem with getting a snug fit in the elastic line. I don’t know whether the staff give a good enough fit anyways that this just becomes kind of a nuisance. You have to remember to take it off before you wash.

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