Hybrid fitted cloth diaper

It’s Angela from child care diapering and today I will talk about the several different brands of hybrid fitted cloth diapers. Remember a fitted cloth diaper does require a cover but with the addition of it being a hybrid that means that there is a hidden layer of poly fleece giving it extra absorbency and the poly fleece layer is going to push the moisture as it hits the poly fleece back into the diaper keeping the outside of the diaper drier for longer periods of time.

Nara bums hybrid fitted cloth diaper: First we’re gonna start with hybrid fitted cloth diapers. It has a snap down rise on the outside. You will have 3 different settings you have and that is small, medium and large on the inside of Inara bums.

The inner fabric is cotton Sherpa Sherpa is highly absorbent, it has two inserts that snap in separately and the top insert can be used alone and has gussets which is great for various small babies. whenever they are in the runny poo stage so it will hold it in and add more containment you don’t have any exposed snaps in the front panel against the baby and again this is a one size diaper with the snaps on the outside next we have monkey rums monkey rumps is also a one size hybrid fitted cloth diaper with a snap down rise on the outside with three settings small medium and large. on the inside of monkey rums you have cotton velour with two snap-in inserts the absorbent factor fabric is bamboo and it is on both of the inserts with cotton velour on top adding softness and a tad bit of stay dry feeling 

Tangerine baby hybrid fitted cloth diaper: Tangerine baby tangerine baby is also a one-size hybrid fitted cloth diaper what makes it different is that it is not snap down rice it’s actually fold down rice what that means is that you would fold down the front panel and use the snaps that way making it fit smaller babies the inside is a cotton velour with the absorbency of bamboo on each Soaker. All the soakers are attached at the top.


so there’s only one time one insert that you have to snap are exposed snaps but with the long inserts they are covered. whenever it’s up against the baby and if you’re using the fold down rise obviously you would not be having anything again to the baby skin. 

Dolce baby hybrid fitted cloth diaper: Dolce baby is one size and again it also does not have snap down on the front. Making it a clean look on the front and on this one I opted to not have the fold down rise that is an option that many working her mom’s give you to add them or not for no fee I choose not to use them have them on most of my diapers because I find that it’s not I don’t use them. On the inside you have cotton velour with bamboo and again the inserts are attached at the top. 

Macaroni baby hybrid fitted cloth diaper: Macaroni baby macaroni baby is a one size diaper. If you want to do it in the middle and do that if you want to fold it to where the absorbance is in the front or if you had to fold down rise and one on the smallest setting then you’d want to double it all the way. 

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