lighthouse kids diapers

Today I will talk about lighthouse kids company’s signature cloth diapers. Let’s talk about the outside of this diaper, this cloth diaper, fits babies from six to 32 pounds. It has four rise adjustments that you can adjust from six pounds. All the way to 32 pounds and two top hip snaps. This lighthouse kids diaper allows for the baby to have maximum movement. These are crossover snaps that you can use for smaller babies every lighthouse kids company is minimally packaged and comes with a simple tag. 

Let’s open up the diaper and check it out. The inside of the signature cloth diaper is made with an athletic wicking jersey. This material is wonderful because it is hypoallergenic and keeps the baby dry without adding bulk to the diaper. So you can see that the diaper is super pliable and super stretchy because of this amazing athletic wicking jersey material on the inside the signature cloth diapers come with a little booster. It has two layers of bamboo and with the attached book hold insert now the reason the book fold insert is so important in this diaper is because it allows for quick drying time.

Because it opens up all the way and there’s nothing sewn on except for the very top. So this diaper actually dries very quickly and another bonus is that you have the dry side which feels really nice and soft like a little cloud and then you have the bamboo side which feels wet. So when you’re placing this on the baby if you want the baby to stay wet you leave this side out. If you want the baby dry you can simply flip the insert to the dry side and place the diaper on the baby. I always like to fold the diaper on the back depending on the size of the insert. 

It will shrink a little bit as you wash it. so you can have a smaller size insert in the front. If you have a boy you might prefer to hold the insert. So you have more of the absorbency in the front. so right in the middle you have the maximum absorbency either way it’ll be really nice to baby because this is nice and soft so if you had a really really young baby you would just adjust this diaper down. The insert does shrink a little bit as you wash it put it around baby and you can even use the crossover snaps. 

It is a really small newborn size that would be five to six pounds, really tiny leg holes. If you had a baby that was just crawling or an infant size or starting to kind of move along you’d probably want to go on the second rise. A lot of babies will stay on the second to third ride for most of the time until they get really really really big and chunky. so that would be the second rise and this is what it would look like and again you can adjust your tummy. However you see fit depending on the size of your baby’s belly and as your baby grows you just move these tabs up now. What pro tip that nobody told me when I started cloth ice cream is that you do not have to adjust these every time you wash. 

so once you adjust the size for baby here you just leave it snapped even as you wash it and you only change it as baby grows and then you leave it snapped so you don’t have to unsnap it every time you do laundry this size right here would probably be Crawling walking, if you had a trim baby now one of the great things about this cloth diaper is the tall hip snaps instead of being here they’re over. You will never see any marks on your baby’s legs. If you see anywhere if your baby needs to move this kind of moves along with them without wing droop which is why those snaps are there a lot of diapers that you see will have the snaps and that can actually harm baby’s size because you’ll have a secure placement not allowing the fabric to move. 

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