Pooters diapers

Hello, I am Angela and I am the mom of two kids. Today I’m going to share with you a brand of diapers called pooters. I would say it’s the most absorbent diaper. I will show you how to fold it and put it on for the baby girl. The best way because girls and boys need more absorbency in different spots and on the other side how to fold it for boys. I also like how it’s very customizable. It shows you how to fold for the maximum amount of absorb absorbency for either boy or girl but you can customize it. First I’ll just show you the cover. It’s very cute, it has little rainbow buttons.

You know which snaps you need to find. You can say I always snap to the you know green snaps or whatever then it’s got the three button rise. You would go top button to button see how i did there top button bottom okay and for a baby that’s my baby size she’s five months old i go top button to middle button leaving this bottom down. Now sometimes at night time I have found and this is what I do for my daytime diapers top button to middle button sometimes for night time because you have so much in the diaper to absorb i don’t put any of the snaps down that’s just personal choice that’s how I like to do it. 

It does have this fold in the front but this is just to reinforce the buttons the snaps not to stuff anything through it does have one at the back but again we’re using a fitted diaper. I don’t really need to stuff an insert. I guess you could see the pooters tag there on the back. It’s got double leg gussets, to keep things from coming out I find that cloth diapers in general all of them keep blowouts, if you don’t have blowouts and cloth diapers or at least I have not. It’s really good at keeping things in and it’s got nice elastics. The inside one is a little bit more relaxed, the outside one a little tighter and that’s the way I like them.  

Now I will talk about fitted diapers. It is what goes on and around your baby you snap to where it fits best and it just has the waist adjusters there no leg ones. This fitted diaper itself holds 18 ounces which is pretty amazing. I find that is just a lot, that’s a lot of absorbency  that is awesome. You will see the green buttons, it comes with different inserts and this long one that will be folded this one in itself holds 13 ounces. 

Now let me back to the boy fold I have buttoned it in. I’m gonna fold it in half I’m gonna fold it in half again because boys generally are very front wetters. After you have that done you’re gonna take the smaller one and the booster I’m going to fold that in half and I’m going to lay that on top okay this is a whole lot this is if you have an extreme heavy wetter or you need him to sleep for a long period of time in this diaper. It is a lot I’m placing it on top now this is the stay dry liner that’s one that holds the 13 ounces this is where you have your stay dry liner. It’s honestly not soft, it’s going to hold a lot but it’s not real soft. It is 55 hemp and 45 organic cotton that’s what this stuff is. 

Now you have this real long insert and it is made of hemp cotton and fleece. it is your stay dry insert you’re going to take this and you’re going to have your fleece side which is on the back of the pooter sign have that down like you’re gonna fold that in half with the fleece down and then you’re just gonna lay this on top. Then you would put your baby Inside and you would snap it to fit. Your baby you’re gonna have two snaps on the Side. Once that’s on your baby you will take your pu material. This is absorbent, it soaks up all the liquid but itself would then leak. it would wick onto your child’s clothing. you want to make sure this goes on top of it, this is what keeps. it waterproof or makes it waterproof you would just lift your baby’s bottom up slip it under put this around all of that you would do your snaps for your size adjustment. 

However you need that to be I like to do that before I get it on the baby but you can do it after and then again two snaps and these don’t have to be even you could do one green and one yellow one green and one blue this will adjust the waist and this will adjust your leg just depends on. If your baby has little legs or bigger legs than the waist and you’ll snap that on and then your baby’s ready to go. Now this is incredibly bulky. look at that it’s humongous I should have brought a different diaper. To compare this is like two times the size of a regular diaper.

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