Nicki’s cloth diapers

hi guys, I will be doing a diaper review on Nikki’s newborn diapers. I  have two Nikki’s diaper. These are two all-in-one diapers. 

The first is Nicky’s diapers ultimate newborn all-in-one and second is Nicky’s diapers newborn bamboo all-in-one. Let’s go through the basics of these diapers they’re relatively the same. Both have two snaps on the wings along with a crossover option both have two rows along the top with pull on the outside. once inside of the diapers both have snap out inserts both have a tummy panel the differences on the inside are the materials they’re made out of the ultimate newborn all-in-one is made with a micro fleece on top and a microfiber insert on the bottom the bamboo is made of 70% bamboo and 30% other kind difference Material. 


In this Nicky’s diapers are the elastic with the ultimate newborn all in one has encased elastic. where the bamboo has a rolled elastic, the ultimate newborn all-in-one is 1095 for salads and 1195 for prints their bamboo is 1195 for salads and 1295 for prints. Now let’s get into some of the things I liked about these diapers. let’s start with the ultimate newborn all in one the one thing I liked about this diaper over the other one in particular is the case elastic I found it to be much easier to put on it off Evelyn and I didn’t have problems with it rolling out because it is cased it was just I could pop the diaper on and not think about it the other thing I like about this is that the inserts can come on and off and that makes it much easier to wash.


I could take these off and put them in the dryer and then I could hang dry them, if I wanted which I would prefer to hang dry anything that has pee. I also really love the prints that come in. They have really pretty prints to pick from and they’re very reasonably priced diapers. The other thing is I never had any leaks with these. Each Evelyn outgrew the size before she started out wetting them which is not typically what happens on newborn diapers the same thing on this one. I really love the prints that they have because they’re all the same as the ultimate newborn out all-in-one and I love the price. They are fairly reasonably priced, the ultimate newborn island but I did like the price. I do like that this is a more natural option with the bamboo over the microfiber but I’m also not against microfiber. 

Now let’s go on to the cons. I don’t love the snap placements on these diapers. I found that figure. My daughter got the chunkier her legs got. They were really tight around her legs, but she still had a lot of room on her stomach. so at the end when I pretty much fees them out because of the size they were too tight on her legs but there was a lot of room in her belly. The first would be these diapers on her when she was in the first week of her life and they actually fit great. I didn’t like about the bamboo all-in-one was the rolled elastic now this isn’t an issue for the ultimate because it does have the case elastic but I really didn’t like the roll elastic on these or whatever reason I could not for the life of me get these to roll inward they were always showing and I didn’t like that because there was always the possibility that they would wick under her clothes. 


Now I never actually had that problem but I just don’t like having the possibility that this absorbent material is hanging out of her legs and could possibly cause a leak. Now I don’t know if I was doing it wrong or if there’s a special way to do it but I could not get it to roll inward for that. I don’t think I would recommend the oral elastic one for that reason. If I had to choose one or the other over the other I would choose the ultimate noob or an all-in-one with the microfiber. Now I don’t think that these are bad diapers. They didn’t work that long for everyone because of the sizing but that’s just to be expected with newborn diapers and really with any diaper because babies bodies are shaped Differently some are have bigger bellies and skinny legs or vice versa. so for me for Evelyn this didn’t work the best because of her shape but I still think it’s a good diaper option it just wasn’t that great as far as fit for her the bigger she got but I do think it’s a good option it’s a good price and I we did enjoy it for the time that it fit her well. So that is my review of Nikki’s newborn diapers.

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