Green Mountain Diapers

Today I’m here to talk to you about my favorite green mountain diapers cloth brand diapering products. I just love gray Mountain diapers. If you have read my article you may know that my number one favorite cloth diaper ever is the Green Mountain cloth diaper

Muslin Flat Cloth Diaper: These brand muslin flat diapers are the best. So they have a beautiful muslin weave which just means that it’s so light and fluffy and like really nice when these comes straight out of the dryer like a big pile of the Muslim flats just makes me the happiest person in the whole wide world I can’t tell you how silly that sounds but it is true I just love having a bunch of flat diapers flats are so easy to wash they are only one single layer of fabric. so you can hand wash them. They don’t hold on to any kind of smell or anything because they can come out and loosen up in the wash and they’re just so great they dry. So quickly they’re amazing, you can fold them into little pads and throw them in any kind of diaper that you need to or you can actually learn how to wrap them up around a baby. So flats are so versatile, so easy to wash and care for your child with a green mountain diaper.

Cloth-eez workhorse fitted diapers: So let’s move on to the next product which is another one of my favorites fitted diapers. Workhorse fitted diapers are the size extra large with the green trim on them. It’s actually a little too big for my son Erin right now but this is gonna be the next size up that he’s going to fit in he’s currently wearing the largest on his but I like to put this with a hemp insert and a big roomy cover over top and that’s our go to nighttime diaper is just awesome. It takes less time to dry then it could you know if this was all sewn together it would take a long time for it to dry. 

The fact that it has the little flappy insert in there is super nice but it’s all still attached you know this doesn’t come out it’s all sewn together I love how it has the elastics on the legs and on the butt side it also has you can get it with snaps or without snaps. so it fits on perfect it’s great for grandmas and husbands who don’t necessarily use a lot of the cloth diapers they can figure out snaps on a little diaper like this it’s super easy I just love them mine are kind of getting worn down not this one here it looks fine but my like a size mediums and size larges that have gone through two boys now they are kind of getting worn down a little bit but I will be happy to buy more if we have another baby. So I love those workhorses, definitely one of my top favorite green mountain diapers products. 

Organic prefold diapers: I had purchased some of the Green Mountain diapers cloth ease pre folds in the size large, when my son Calvin was probably a couple of years old and they were just too big for him and I couldn’t figure out how to make them work trying to fold them down like on the front and then trying to create a diaper out of it just felt really bulky with those size larges. I freakin love these having a really good fit makes a big big difference because this is exact same thing that I had before in the size large but I never liked the size larges and yes I am in love with these size mediums they dry really quickly they dry in the same amount of time as all my other diapers they aren’t ever like kind of damp or kind of weird coming out of the dryer they are always nice and dry like everything else that’s in there other than the big bulky things like the workhorses. so they dry really well and they wash really well. it’s thinner you know it’s not like a big all-in-one where you have like 20 layers in the middle or whatever it’s still it’s still thin enough to get nice and washed clean.

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