best pampers cruisers diapers in 2021

Hey guys, today I will talk about the Pampers Cruisers 360 fit. I just bought that pamper for my little one. He is 13 months now, I actually don’t know how long these have been out I think they’re pretty do because I just noticed that within the last month or two but I really wanted to try them on him at first I thought they were kind of like pull-ups and my little one is nowhere near ready to get potty-trained. I’m like I don’t want those but if you look they’re actually diapers pull-ups aren’t as absorbent these aren’t actually diapers. So I’m gonna tell you about my review. Of course these are a lot more money than the cheap diapers. I was buying but I don’t have to change him as much for just pee diapers.

Pamper cruisers stretchy waistband cotton soft material air dry channels delete guard barriers and my little one is 22 pounds exactly 22 pounds and I think it goes up to 26 pounds. so I bought a size 3 at first and he needs a bigger size. I don’t know if that’s gonna be anybody else but for our situation whenever he’s right there does he get the smaller size does he get the larger size it was better to get my little one the larger size. The diaper now is the back. I didn’t notice this until I put it on my son and he was walking around. I’m like what is that piece of tape but what it is it’s almost like a little piece of tape so whenever you take the diaper off you just roll it up.

Day 1: At first I was like oh my gosh this is gonna come off my little one eats everything so it’s gonna come off he’s gonna put it in his mouth but it has not come off and my little one moves everywhere I mean he cannot sit still. so this has not cried, wait I haven’t had any issues with that and then look you will see a little pockets on the back of it. ThisĀ  is so cute when they’re just in a diaper You will see the little line there and then here’s the front a little design and as always they smell really really good and you can see this is the side and when I take the diaper off my son I just ripped the sides they rip easy they don’t rip easy on the kid moving around and you actually have to rip them.

I’ve never had anything where it’s ever ripped while he was wearing it but when you try to rip, it will change the diaper. it was better for me to get the bigger size for him because we did and that’s the one thing that I didn’t like the little bit of a poopy blow out and I thought oh you know I think it goes up to 26 pounds for size 3 and 22 pounds. so he was good. He was within the weight limit but we had a little poopy blowout. I really really liked the diapers. This has nothing to do with the diapers. this is just a situation that you’ll probably have with your little one whenever you were changing them like. If you’re out or you know what you have and you pull down their pants and you want to change them obviously with this you have to take the pants completely off sometimes like a middle-of-the-night change with the other diapers.

You know I’ll just take the old diaper off and slip the new one on but with this obviously it has the sides you can’t just do that you have to take obviously the pants all the way off put them all the way on. I didn’t even think of that but that is such a minor thing because I think the diapers are worth it, I actually think that we’re just gonna continue to keep buying these. I’m one for really good quality, cheap diapers and these aren’t necessarily cheap but they’re worth it and really if you’re not using as many diapers doesn’t it pay for itself.

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