Thirsties pocket diaper review

Hi, welcome to my blog. I’m gonna be doing a review on how I can grab it on the thirsties pocket diaper review. This is not the natural pocket diaper. This is the one that comes with microfiber. I don’t have the microfiber insert anymore though because I don’t use microfiber but I did keep the hemp insert. It comes with and it does have a phone I’m gonna focus on the it’s too bright it does have little buttons on it where the microfiber insert would button into it but yeah I don’t have it but this is the hemp insert that comes with I usually pair this up with a flat just to add a little extra absorbency this thing is super long and that might be because I haven’t dried it I don’t dry any of my diapers absorbency or anything because I live in an apartment and it costs money to dry and I wash diapers everyday. 

I’m not gonna like pay to drive my stuff everyday it’s just it adds up so yeah so this Suda come with it’s very absorbent to manage any diaper over $15 is expensive. I think diapers under $15 are very affordable but if a diver is over that price it’s just too expensive for me I did buy his diaper new though just because I don’t really buy new diapers I don’t know I just wanted a new diaper. so my phone like shut off for a second while I was recording that part but I was talking about it fitting 40 pounds it won’t fit like there’s no way this damper will fit to 40 pounds it might get close maybe but the I have a 40 pound toddler and there’s no way that this diaper would fit him. 

It’s way too small for sure. I think this would fit well, maybe up to 37 inch pounds but I don’t think it would fit 40 pounds. Now I’m gonna show you what the diaper looks like and all the fun little features it has. So this is what the difference looks like: a 3×3 right setting and there are two rows of snaps which is really nice. I enjoy diapers with two rows of snaps because I feel like I can get a better fit. If you’re cloth diapering a smaller baby it probably will not fit very well. so this diaper does have double gussets which is a little different than most pocket diapers because most pocket diapers do not have doubles. 

This is the only other diaper brand that I know of that has double nested diapers with double gussets. So far I have not had an issue with relaxing. It’s still very stretchy and I’ve had this diaper for a couple months. so I’m sure it wouldn’t get relaxed in that little amount of time but I guess we’ll see how it after a year and this is what the inside looks like this pocket diaper has two openings one in the front and one in the back I usually step it from the back because it’s the biggest opening but it is nice that it has an opening in the front too. 

so it doesn’t come sliding out the top which is nice. I really like that it has that. so overall I do really like the cover I mean in the pocket. I like it more than their covers. Honestly, their covers pull or keep you. whatever it is is very thin and I have leaks with it pretty often, more like wicking but I have that issue with all of my diapers that have a thinner pul or TPU. Honestly I don’t know the difference but anytime they’re thinner. I always have weird braking issues but with this pocket diaper it’s very thick. so whatever it is is thick so I don’t have an issue which is awesome. 

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