what is the difference between pampers swaddlers and cruisers

Hi again, what is the difference between pampers, swaddlers and cruisers. According to me there are three main lines to choose from: Swaddlers baby drives and cruisers. Let’s start with the Swaddlers that are marketed as the number one choice of hospitals. The first thing you’ll notice is the yellow line running along the middle which is the wetness indicator as a first-time mom and dad we were seriously geeking out about at the first few times. In the newborn and number one sizes I believe there’s also a notch for the baby’s umbilical cord. There is a liner to keep moisture away from the baby, apparently, soft as a blanket with extra absorbed channel technology arts major selling points. 

I believe this allows it to absorb more with a thinner pad making it less bulky next we have the baby dries baby dry czar the value line from pampers you’ll find all the diapers are the same price but have different amounts in them clever right baby drives have a noticeably thicker pad which is because they don’t have the patented extra absorb channels II instead they have three layers called ultra absorb which gives 12 hours of protection and dryness and lastly we have the cruisers as well as having the extra absorb channels. They are heavily promoted as having the best fit for moving babies.

The cool-looking lines are not wetness indicators like they thought they’re just visual reminders that cruisers have a stretchy fit Swaddlers and cruisers have a thin pad and are a little less bulky I guess that’s why they make such a fuss about the extra absorb channels II these are all size three diapers the dimensions of the actual diapers all the same except the Swaddlers which come in half an inch shorter in length which makes sense to me because I felt they fit a tiny bit tighter on my daughter the pad is a different story altogether. so wait let’s have pads with the length of 10 inches the baby dries 13 and the cruisers 11 inches. 

I’m guessing this is because of the extra absorb channels technology. I have said that in two minutes thinner but more absorbent so it needs less therefore less bulk therefore less sagging cruisers are made for babies that move a lot so they get an extra inch and baby dries although they have three layers of absorbent material are still not as good. so they need as much padding as possible. I’m guessing on the Swaddlers box they recommend moving up two cruisers and on the cruiser box they recommend moving up to Easy Ups cross-promotions making the world go around. there’s also a swaddler sensitives but to me that’s overkill on the other hand maybe it’s good as a first diaper for your newborn

When you’re at your most paranoid at the end of the day I really like the Swaddlers and this is the reason why they’re unscented. I think there are thoughtful details also that are mostly helpful for newborns and first-time parents like the wetness indicator and notch in the smaller sizes for the umbilical cord but honestly you’ll stop looking at the indicator soon enough after realizing it will turn blue at every little drop of wetness. I never thought I would smell sensitive but the baby dries and cruisers are scented with a revolting artificial baby powder Son. Honestly pampers why who enjoys this and talks about baby powder smell plus baby powder.

If I were to score some free diapers from the grandparents I would request Swaddlers but ping out of my own pocket I get the baby dries the cruisers have leaked on me twice you’ll find a hilarious disclaimer only on the Canadian version of the Pampers website so pampers lot CA it says when a blowout happens that is normal to blame the diaper but in many cases blowouts happen because of the wrong sized diaper or diapers that are not put on well both the Canadian and US websites go on to say that sometimes should happen so carry a change of clothes I think that’s so funny I don’t know if I’m putting them on improperly but I haven’t had as much leaking with either the Swaddlers or the baby tries. So did you know that you’re supposed to run your fingers around the cuffs after you put the diaper on? They should all be out. I just learned that reading that website but considering I never did that and they hardly leaked is pretty good. 

We’ll be progressing through the sizes faster with this line. This is really the only choice for newborn sizes but I have no complaints either. So I’m comfortable recommending it. I like purchasing baby dryers because of the friendly pricing. They also have a more generous fit. These things I like the pad are thicker and they have a strong powder smell.

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