Diaper Rite Bamboo All-in-One Cloth Diaper Review

Hi guys, today I have another cloth diaper review for you. we’re talking about diapers. one size all-in-one bamboo diaper today. I’m very excited to tell you about this little guy because it’s very affordable for an all-in-one. if you’re getting a solid or a print and it’s supposed to run eight to 35 pounds range which is pretty standard for a one size cloth diaper it does have bamboo tarry inside let’s go through the anatomy of this guy first and I’ll tell you my thoughts and opinions so first of all you have vertical snaps as well as a horizontal hip snap. So you have some variety on where you can exactly adjust this to fit on the baby. It has your traditional 3-step rise. 

You can wash them separately or dry them separately. some people might consider this kind of more an all-in two then an all-in-one just because these snap out but it’s all just kind of personal preference there mark it’s marketed an all-in-one, so you don’t have any like double leg gusset or anything on the legs here you do just have your traditional just kind of I don’t know what you would call this it’s just sewn together you can see the inside absorbent part and the outside waterproof part just like comes together here at the leg I’ve never had any issues with wicking at the legs though so I don’t find that to be a big issue I haven’t had any blowouts or any issues with the leg gussets so not having double like us isn’t necessarily a bad thing I think it’s working totally fine for my boy. 

you will got quite a bit of absorbency, you’ve got several layers and you can of course take out one or the other if you feel like you don’t need that much absorbency there’s also the in the actual let me show you here in the actual diaper without the inserts in the way you can kind of see it there’s a little bit of sewn in extra absorbency in the actual cover itself so that’s a little bit extra in there so like I said it is bamboo terry but on the website it says the inner lining and the absorbent material so these two inserts Plus this and here is 80% bamboo and 20% polyester viscose at the base so don’t quite know what that’s supposed to mean at the base I don’t know what they mean by that so it’s 80% bamboo and 20% polyester.


The majority of this diaper bamboo material. We’ve had this for a couple months now and I haven’t noticed any extreme shrinkage or anything I have owned bamboo stuff in the past that shrinks ridiculously this. so far it hasn’t been an issue as far as shrinkage is concerned the thing that I love this diaper for is night time on our one-year-old this lasts all night I’ve never ever had it leak never had it so soaked that it was like almost gonna leak this is a good nighttime diaper for my particular one-year-old. You know every baby is different but this thing works at nighttime for us and so if that’s the case for you you could also use it as a daytime. if you just like to get rid of one of the inserts or whatever. 

If you want to use this for daytime it is gonna work because if it works nighttime for my boy I think it’s gonna work daytime for any baby a heavy wetter or whatever it’s totally gonna work because if it holds up for you know the 1012 hours that Aaron’s sleeping I can tell you I’m gonna I’m gonna promise you that it’ll last two hours during the daytime for a regular baby oh I think I did forget to mention it has the crossover snap what you guys know that I love so we’ll show you guys some footage both my boys wearing this diaper just so you can kind of get an idea on the fit on an almost three year old and a one year old. Our 37 pound almost three year old and he has one snap left on each side and this is actually kind of loose.

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