Thirsties newborn natural all in one reviews

Hi guys, today I have a review for Thirsties newborn naturals. The Thirsties natural all-in-one in the newborn size is called a dreamscape. We just talk about how freaking adorable a tiny little newborn diaper is. It’s just so cute. We have about eight of these in our collection and our son is now two months old but we haven’t been using these for a while but we did use them in the beginning quite a bit. First of all we have just one little snap down rise setting. so you can go as small as you want or you can snap it completely out which is just a little bit bigger. it does have a snap down for the belly button or available cord. 

The belly button or doing anything funky with that you just have one single snap around the edges. It also has the elastics but like I said they’re not super tough. so you’re not going to be hurting the baby in any way there’s plenty of nice soft give on those and that helps contain the poop lotions out the back of the diaper as well as the little leg gussets. All the elastic parts are really going to help keep any of the poo inside. so that’s about it for the anatomy of the diaper itself. 

Let’s talk a little bit about my experience with our baby boy like I said he is two months old now. We haven’t been using this for about a month now. It really only worked for us for the first three or four weeks. Honestly he was born eight pounds five ounces and we did start off on the smaller rice setting with a little snap down.

on the umbilical cord that worked fine for a couple weeks but it wasn’t too long before we snapped out the whole thing for him to fit into it he had his umbilical stump for quite a while I feel like it was a little over two weeks maybe 17 days or so so we did have to snap it down for quite a while and that’s one thing about newborn diapers. If you’re contemplating should I even invest in a newborn stache, the umbilical stump is really the only issue that comes with whether or not I can use one size. If you have a baby who loses their umbilical stump really early, which you can’t predict you know then one size diapers would probably be a better investment than worrying about newborns. 

if your baby holds on to their newborn stump for quite a while like our little guy did you probably do want to end up going with at least a couple at least a few you don’t want a couple of that’s not gonna last you very long newborn diapers. So these worked perfectly the first like two weeks that we were cloth diapering. They were great for overnight changes because it’s just one piece. it’s just a one stupid thing you don’t have to like fold a pre fold or worry about an insert or do anything you just take this put it on the baby you’re done absolutely easy anybody can do this and we were using them at nighttime at two o’clock in the morning than to mess with all the other stuff right.

If you using overnight you know where he’s sleeping two to four hours stretches and we’re changing him every time he wakes up to nurse right. so these worked fine for that period of time after that we had to start adding a little hemp insert inside. We used a green mountain diapers hemp small size small insert and they are perfect size let me go grab one for you. 

How looks in real life:


So this is one of the Green Mountain diapers hemp size small inserts and they are the perfect size to fit inside this little guy that’s tucked all the way the very top underneath these little flaps it’s a little bit big. After about two weeks we did have to start adding this little doubler guy in there in order for him to last through the night time but it wasn’t very long at all before he started peeing through this whole thing even with that little insert inside at two weeks. He was peeing through this by itself in an hour and a half at like three weeks.

This whole thing in about an hour and a half and by four weeks this with the other doubler in there he was only lasting about 45 minutes during the daytime. The first couple weeks and they worked perfectly fine the first couple weeks but after that he started peeing through them like nobody’s business. The issue that we had overnight where we were leaking from wasn’t through the legs or anything. I don’t think we ever had a poo leak. 

So they were pretty good for holding the poo in. if this is all wet on the inside and it just slowly wicks its way up to the outer edges. All the edges are like half waterproof half not so anywhere. where his clothing is touching that absorbent part could potentially start wicking the moisture out of the diaper onto his clothes and that’s where we always got the leaks like right around his hips.

The decision you have to make on your own like I said, the little umbilical stump cord snapped down was really nice. They are super freakin adorable but they’re a little more expensive they’re all natural fibers. so they are a little more expensive because that’s just how natural fibers are. It’s really a decision you have to make on your own and I know that’s kind of a sucky thing to say especially for a review blog.

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