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Hi guys, today I want to talk to you about wool. I have a six month old and a two year old baby boy. I will tell you guys all I know about wool, I am not a wool expert but this is what works for our family. This is what we do to keep up on our wool and take care of our wool. so let’s hop right in and let me tell you about what we do so for our oldest son Calvin we will put on his nighttime diaper all wrapped up everything all together with the cover on and then we will put on some wool pants for his pajama pants and he just wears a regular white t-shirt for bed so he wears wool pants and a t-shirt that’s his pajamas for our little list he’s still wearing regular jammies you know like button-up footie pajamas and all that kind of stuff.

So everyone’s more like if we’re running low on our jammies, if we haven’t done laundry in a while we might put him in some wool pants but for the most part he’s still good in his little overnight diaper. Our toddler can sometimes pee a ton in his overnight diaper. so putting the wool on top just makes an extra-special barrier on top. so we’re not relying on the wool to be the totally waterproof part of his nighttime diaper but it is like that extra little layer that keeps everything else the sheets and his shirt and everything from being wet in the morning. 

Now we have lots of wool long ease. What kind of people call them in the cloth diapering community but they’re pretty much just wool pants my mom made us a ton we have at least half a dozen or so which you totally do not need that many. She made out of sweaters that she got from goodwill and she just sewed them all and two cute little pants for us. There are lots of tutorials out there, videos and blog posts about how to make wool pants out of sweaters. So I’ll try to find someone to leave them down below for you guys. I did not make any of these my mom made them all. 

I don’t have any article on how to do it but I’ll try to find you guys something you do have to Lana Lies them when you first get them Lana lysing just means applying a lanolin layer to the wool. so what I do is I melt down some of that lanolin once again and put it in the water and you kind of see a film develop on the top of the water and that’s like the oiliness of the lanolin and I’ll inside-out once again because you want the waterproofness to come from the inside out and inside out I will press that down into the water with that lentil and layer on top and you want to let it sit for a while and then I’ll come back like maybe 20 minutes later and flip it the other way maybe add a little extra lanolin and it’ll analyze the pants.

Now I think the part that intimidates people the most about wool is the wash routine because you cannot wash a pair of wool pants the same way that you do your regular cloth diaper laundry if you put this in the washing machine on you know like the heavy duty cycle and hot water it’s going to ruin these pants you can’t throw it in there like everything else you have to hand wash these guys. If you absolutely totally cannot hand wash, maybe I don’t know if you’ve got some poo on there and it’s like just not coming out for you. You can put them in the washer like a really delicate cycle but I still would try to hand wash them as much as possible.


Before throwing them in the washing machine and you definitely don’t want throw them in the dryer either the heat will felt them up and they won’t be stretchy and it’ll be really stiff and it’s just not a good idea you don’t want them to be super hot so when you are watching them by hand you want your water to be very lukewarm you don’t want it too hot you don’t want it too cold just somewhere in the middle so for the wash routine in particular I like to turn mine inside out and I like a little kit of things that I use for the wool wash routine it’s like a little old like salsa jar some lanolin and lanolin is something you can get like for your nipples when you’re breastfeeding just in case you were wondering. 

So there’s a brand medela has one and also the lansinoh brand which is what I have here and then also some baby shampoo baby wash so I just take a blob I totally don’t know an exact measurement but a blob of the baby shampoo as well as maybe like half an inch or so of the lanolin I know that’s a really specific these are not real measurements and throw that in the jar and use some really really hot water as hot as your faucet will go and put that about halfway I think you know like fill a jar like halfway and then I just shake it and shake it and shake it the hot water is going to help the lanolin melt a little bit and then the soap is going to help it I don’t know what the word is you know like when you’re putting when you’re mixing oil and water and the soap just kind of helps it all mix together a little bit better. That’s what the soap is doing too as well as being an actual cleanser for the pants themselves. 

so I will then fill up the sink and I fill it up like I said like a medium kind of heat you know I don’t rent too hot don’t I to cold fill up the sink and then add in my jar of mixed water lanolin soap solution and then I’ll throw that into the water if that hot water from the jar made the water a little too warm I’ll add a little bit of cold water or whatever just to make the water a good temperature and so I turned my the pants inside out and I will kind of just like mush them around and wash them around a little bit there in the sink and you can see the waters totally gross it’s like it’s actually like pretty gross but just like imagining all this stuff inside of the wool pants but I will rinse it out a little bit you know like press it up against the side of the sink to you know get all the water out and what not you don’t want to be too rough with it because that can create the felting again and that makes it stiff and not stretchy like wool is originally. 

so you just want to be kind of delicate with it but you do want it to get clean so you might have to wash it a couple times when I have to rinse it a couple times but yeah that’s how I wash the wool pants I really only washed the wool pants about every other month or so I have read that like once a month is kind of a recommended amount but honestly I probably don’t do that every month it’s about every other month if you’re kind of thinking to yourself like moves last time I wash the pants maybe you should wash the pants or like if there’s a poo mess or something you’re definitely gonna have to wash them after that but yeah so that’s that’s all that we do for our role it does sound a little intimidating at first but it’s a lifesaver for bedtime definitely I love using it as regular pants over our already really nice diapers overnight diaper system this all in itself just our regular overnight diaper will not leak most of the time. 

it’s just like it wicks up here on top we’re like my son’s shirt is or since he likes to sleep on his belly like it’ll wick onto the sheets and stuff on his bed it’s just like it just comes right out of there on the top you know cuz he’s a little boy so he pees late toward the front you know and this wool just makes it an extra little protective barrier so it’s not totally necessary but we really do enjoy it I can definitely vouch for all the women who say or in Dad’s too I guess who say that wool is in the night time a solution it’s definitely a big big factor for making it through the night with nothing else getting wet.

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