Overnight Cloth Diapering with Flats

Hey guys, today let’s talk about overnight cloth diapering with flat diapers. So I’m gonna be using my favorite green mountain diapers and these muslin flats. I believe that both are the largest. I also like the one size and I also use the Green Mountain diapers bird’s-eye cotton which is just a very basic flat. It doesn’t hold as much, it’s not as absorbent as these muslin flats but I do still use them for the pad fold. What exactly do I do for both my 18 month old and my 3 year old? So you don’t know what a flat is. It’s just a big giant piece of material, just one thin layer that is a hundred percent cotton. It has a beautiful muslin weave to it. 

Step 1:

so I’m just going to fold it in half once and then in half again. so I’m just making a little square and then I’m going to take a diaper. I want to go and pull one of the corners with just one layer of fabric and pull it all the way over. so you get yourself a nice little triangle shape. Then you have to flip the whole thing over and you’re gonna create the pad fold in the middle with the excess fabric and then I like to tuck mine up under like just a little bit for the legs. so it doesn’t like to come too far down the leg, fold that up, fold it over and then next I’m just going to take a pad folded flat. So this was once again a big giant piece of fabric all open and then I fold It and half once and folded it in half again and then I’m going to fold that down into thirds. 

Step 2:

So I’m going to take the over and over again, so it’s a little pad of absorbency and I’m going to add that into my little overnight diaper and then I’m gonna stick all of that inside of a cover for the baby. So I would wrap the origami fold around the baby. Put the baby here, wrap the baby up, you can pin it, you can use a snappy. when I put it on the baby and have it all nice and security just got a hold baby there and like flip it up as fast as you can to make sure it’s all nice and contained. so that’s one thing that I do and these are both the muslin flats but sometimes I will use just a regular old 100% cotton bird’s-eye flat for this extra pad in there but I always like to use my muslin flats as the origami flat around the baby. it’s not directly touching the baby essentially. I use this on both of my kids, my 18 month old and my 3 year old.

Step 3:

So if you have a bigger kid and they’re kind of outgrowing the origami fold, I would recommend some kind of modified kite fold. Now I would fold down the back. so the butt side is where baby’s butt is going and then I will fold and then just like roll that until I feel like it’s a good size for baby cuz that’s, gonna give you the nice big wings that you might need for a bigger baby and this lets you like pick out how big you need the rise to be. If you have a bigger kid that’s kind of what I would do. I think that’s kind of like a modified kite. I’m not totally sure honestly. So I just kind of like wing it just like fold down the one edge up and then kind of like fold it all over, fold it up until you feel like it’ll fit on the baby that’s the cool thing about flat. 

Step 4:

so you can kind of just do whatever you want as long as it fits around your baby and it catches the poo or the pea or whatever it’s good to go and then along with that I would just add another pad folded flat right on the outside. so they’ve got two layers, two flats, to catch all of the pee overnight. The Thirsty’s do a wrap size – I love the Thirsty’s they’re just super roomy they’re really great my three-year-old only just recently went up to the size 3. so these lasts a really long time and then this here is a blueberry Capri cover just nice and roomy a little cover and there are several other covers that I have like Nikki’s and the imagine those are pretty roomy covers that can go for like my 18 month old has no problem being in those and they could be stuffed up for my three year old as well. 

Step 5:

If you really want something that’s gonna cover everything you probably want to go with a size three. Thirsty’s do a wrap. Those are really big. I think my three-year-old’s only on like the like when I transit like the medium rise setting he still has quite a bit of way to grow in that cu it. If you still have bigger kids or just like bigger size kids who need some kind of cover for overnight I would totally recommend the size three of the Thirsty’s duo wraps. Because they are massive now another way you can use flats overnight is to totally double them up. So I’ve got one flat down there, another flat right on top. I just want to get them all as even as possible before I go in and fold them into an origami fold.

Step 6:

So just folding into the same shape as before, folding up that middle section, tucking it in a little bit and wrapping that whole thing around the baby it’s another way to throw a baby into a nighttime diaper. it is a little bulky all around but it keeps the bulk from being totally focused in that middle section like you’ll get with the pad fold. So that’s just another option that you can try as well. We have used this in the past. Maybe it would be a little easier without two of the muslins. Maybe you would use one of the Birdseye in there just to definitely hold up and hold a bunch of pee. If you also use flats for overnight diapers let me know what little setup you use in the comments down below or if there are other diapers that you love for a night time let me know about them as well.

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